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Tree Transplanting

Photo of tree being transplanted Large tree moving and tree transplanting is our specialty at Instant Shade. Our experts can work with both young and mature trees, transplanting and preserving big trees as they are moved from one location to another.

We can replace old or decaying large trees with new ones, preserving the grounds and creating a fertile environment for the newly transplanted big tree to thrive.

We provide large tree transplanting services for a variety of clients, including residential homeowners, businesses, municipalities, schools, golf courses, churches, parks and even baseball stadiums.

The care and expertise put into the removal, transportation and transplanting of a big tree is crucial, determining whether it will not only survive, but thrive in its new environment. Because a big tree can lose a large portion of its root system in the transplant, the process of digging, moving and replanting the tree must be handled with great patience and delicacy. After the tree has been transplanted, post-transplant care can ensure that the transplant was successful and the tree is able to thrive.


At Instant Shade, we begin the process of transplanting a large tree by assessing the strength and overall health of the tree in its current location. Next we analyze the strength of the big tree’s rootball and roots, so as to determine the best way to preserve the roots during the move to the new location. The healthier a tree is and transplanted properly, the more likely the tree is to acclimate to its new environment after the transplant.

A proper spade of the correct size is crucial for protecting the roots in the transplanting of the large tree, eliminating any permanent damage. At Instant Shade, we pride ourselves on the care and expertise we put into our tree transplants. Our specialty is using our 90-inch truck-mounted tree spade to transplant the large tree from one location to the next. So as to protect your tree during the move, we do not perform any big tree transplanting with a spade that is less than 90 inches.

For long-distance moves, the roots of the big tree are kept moist and the tree is protected by tarps or other coverings.


Once the tree has been successfully removed and transported, preparing the new site for the transplant is critical. At the new location, we focus on the quality of the soil, the depth of the planting and the capacity for the tree to receive water and nutrients. Your transplanted large tree will also benefit from some post-transplant care, better ensuring the success of the transplant.

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